Meeting Gg!


  1. Q.Is Gg real?

A. She’s as real as you and me.

We like to think of Gg as every woman.  Her larger story is told through the series of television, web and stage plays, Meeting Gg (formerly The gg Monologues) which premiered May 2006 at The Backlot in Sarasota, Florida, directed by Amanda Schlachter.

For more information, please contact us.  Boutique entertainment booked on a limited schedule.

Thank you.           


The gg Monologues represents everything I love about

women - John Pasha

The sheer force of her personality makes her play such an unlikely success - Bob Plunket, SARASOTA Magazine

...if The Vagina Monologues represents the Cuban missile crisis,

The gg Monologues is détente  – Marty Fugate, The Longboat Observer